Heshmat Moayyad

Professor of Persian
Center for Middle Eastern Studies
Pick Hall 217

Ph.D. University of Frankfurt, 1958.
Taught at Chicago from 1966-2010.

Special Interests

Classical Persian Literature, Modern Persian Literature, Medieval Persian Mystics, 19th-20th Century Persian Culture.

An interest in Sufi literature led Heshmat Moayyad to the little known Ahmad-e Gam (1049-1141) who became the focus of his dissertation and resulted in the first edition of "The Vita and Legends around the Life of Ahmad-e Gam".

In recent years Professor Moayyad has worked on 20th century poetry and prose with a special interest in Parvin E'tesami and Hushang Golshiri.

His interest in Baha'i poetry of Iran has resulted in a number of articles as well.


Licencie, The University of Tehran, 1949 (Persian and Arabic)
Ph.D., University of Frankfurt a. M., Germany, 1958 (Persian Literature, Islamic Studies, German)

Selected Publications

  • Die Maqamat des Gaznavi, eine legendaere Vita Ahmad-e Gam's, genannt Zandapil (441-536/1049-1141).
  • Maqamat-e Zandapil Ahmad-e Gam. Editio princeps of the 12th century text by Sadid al-Din Mohammad Ghaznavi.Tehran, 1961. Second edition 1967.
  • Rowzat al-Rayahin. Editio princeps of the 15th century text by Darvish Ali Buzgani, Tehran, 1966.
  • The Baha'i Faith and Islam (ed.), Proceedings of the First Conference for the Study of the Baha'i Faith and Islam, McGill University 1984.
  • Fara'id-e Ghiathi. Editio princeps, Tehran, volume 1, 1977, volume 2, 1979. Both volumes together with volume 3 and 4 will appear as a set in Teheran in 2002/2003.
  • Divan-e Parvin E'tesami. Mazda Publisher 1987.
  • Stories from Iran. A Chicago Anthology 1921-1991 (ed.), Mage Publishers, 1991, 4th reprint 1997.
  • Once A Dewdrop. Essays on the Poetry of Parvin E'tesamii (ed.). Mazda Publishers, 1994.
Selected Articles
  • "Lyric Poetry".A chapter in: Persian Literature, ed. Ehsan Yarshater. Columbia University, 1988, pp. 120-46
  • "Dar Madar-e Nezami 1: Hasht Behesht-Haft Akhtar" (In the Orbit of Nezami I: A Comparative analysis of Amir-Khosrow's Hasht Behesht and Abdi Beg's Haft Akhtar, Persian). Iranshenasi 2/1990/135-59
  • "Scholarly Dilettantism and Tampering with History". YAD-NAMA, In Memoria di Alessandro Bausani, vol. 1, University of Rome 1991, pp. 327-333
  • "Dar Madar-e Nezami 4: Moqalledan-e Khosrow va Shirin-e Nezami"(In the Orbit of Nezami 4 : On imitations of Nezami's Khosrow va Shirin). Iranshenasi 5/1993/72-88
  • "Badr-e Shervani va Ash'arash. Nazari be Divani Baz-yafteh"(On the poet Badr of Shirvan and his newly found collection of poems). In: Persian Studies in America. Studies in Honor of Mohammad Ali Jazayery, ed. by Mehdi Marashi. Iranbooks 1994, pp.60-115
  • "Moruri bar Nathr-e Farsi-ye Mo'aser" (On modern Persian prose, its development and its problems). In: Khusheha'i az Kharman-e Adab va Honar, Landegg Academy, Switzerland, vol.6/1995/239-58
  • "Nathr-e Dastan-nevisi-yi Farsi" (On the prose of novelists and short story writers). In: Khusheha'i az Kharman-e Adab va Honar, Landegg Academy, Switzerland, vol.6/1995/259-74
  • "Parvin E'tesami's Niche in the Pantheon of Persian Poetry." Essays on the Poetry of Parvin E'tesamii,Mazda Publishers 1994, pp.160-87
  • Dar madar-e Nezami 5: Atashi Qandahari, Sarayandeh-ye Gol-e Rangin" (In the Orbit of Nezami 5: Atashi Qandahari and his poem Gol-e Rangin, discovered in 1988 in India), Iranshenasi 7/1995/293-302
  • Sargozasht-e Zan-e Parsa-ye 'Attar (traces the background of one of 'Attar's longest stories to its earliest known sources). Iranshenasi 9/1997/427-42. Reprinted in Jashn-name (Festschrift) ye Zabihallah Safa. Teheran 1998,pp. 434-53.
  • Goethe dar Aine-ye Sa'di (Goethe's adaptations from Sa'di in his West-Ostlicher Divan). On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of Goethe's birth. Iranshenasi, vol. 11/199/pp. 36-58
  • Sa'di and Goethe (an appendix to the former article), Iranshenasi, vol. 11/1999
  • "On Eradication of Religious, Racial, and National Prejudice". A chapter in "Rowzaneha-ye Omid" (Windows of Hope). Luxembourg 2000/pp. 253-70
  • "Persian Baha'i Poetry 1850/1950". Khusheha, vol.12, 2001/pp.95-114
  • "Ravesh-e Pajuheshha-ye Enteqadi-ye Adabiyat va Tarikh dar Qarn-e Bistom dar Iran" (Methods of Academic Research in Literature and History in 20th Century Iran). Khusheha, vol.12, 2001, pp. 21-31
  • "Pajuheshgaran-e Adabiyat va Tarikh as Qazvini ta Kadkani" (Distinguished Researchers in Literature and History of Iran from Muh. Qazvini to Muh. Reza Kadkani). Khusheha, vol. 12, 2001/pp. 33-54
  • "Chahar Nameh-ye 'Asheqaneh. By Zain al'Din Qodsi". (Four love letters by Qodsi to an unnamed woman from ca. 1260-1300 AD.). Edited and analyzed, Iranshenasi 13/2001/pp. 46-53
Selected Translations
  • S. Hedayat: Die Blinde Eule. Geneva 1960
  • Hellmut Ritter: die Anfaenge der Hurufi Sekte. Farhang-e Iran Zamin, 1962.
  • M. A. Jamalzadeh: Once Upon A Time. Bibliotheca Persica, 1985.
  • A Nightingale's Lament (82 poems of Parvin E'tesamii). Mazda Publishers 1985.

Over 70 articles, book chapters and entries, over 80 book reviews in English, German and Persian.