Aviad Rubin

Dr. Aviad Rubin (PhD, McGill University) is the Israel Institute Visiting Faculty at NELC and CMES during the 2016-2017 academic year. Dr. Rubin is a tenured senior lecturer (US associate professor) in the School of Political Science at University of Haifa (Israel). He specializes in the intersection between regime theory and identity politics, with particular emphasis on religion, nationalism and language, in the context of the Middle East and the Arab-Israel conflict. Dr. Rubin’s work appeared in leading academic journals. His recent co-edited book (Lexington Books, 2016) compares different dimensions of the state-society relationships in Turkey and Israel and his forthcoming authored book (with University of Michigan Press) explores the influence of state policies towards religion in Israel and Turkey on democratic performance in both countries. Dr. Rubin teaches in University of Chicago courses on religion and state in Israel and the Middle East, and on contemporary Turkish and Israeli politics.