Doctoral students in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations are awarded a five-year fellowship that includes a stipend, full tuition, and health insurance coverage. Students may also apply for research and travel funds.

Funding and Aid in the First 5 Years

For doctoral students starting the program in 2015–16, the stipend and teaching remuneration was $23,000 over 9 months. Additional summer funds of $3,000 are available up to four times prior to the fifth year in the program.

Funding and Aid in the Dissertation Stage

After the five-year Division of the Humanities fellowship, doctoral students receive tuition aid, health insurance coverage, and have access to research and conference travel grants. Many students also receive a final year of fellowship (also called a sixth year of funding or Dissertation Completion Fellowship) as they finish writing the dissertation.

Additional Funding Sources

Fellowships from public or private agencies can enhance a student’s overall financial support and applicants are encouraged to explore all funding opportunities available to them.


The Division of the Humanities has additional information on the types of financial support available to doctoral students.

U.S. citizens and permanent residents pursuing language training may apply for FLAS Fellowships.  In addition, there are job opportunities on campus: in the Oriental Institute, in the various libraries, and throughout the campus offices. For additional information regarding fellowship funding specific to NELC graduate students please go to Graduate Student Fellowships.