2019-2020 NELC PhD Dissertation Defenses - Congratulations

Congratulations to all our PhD students who successfully defended their dissertations in the 2019-2020 academic year! We are extremely proud of these students and wish them all the best with their future accomplishments and endeavors.

  • Joshua Cannon, "Painted Ceramic Traditions and Rural Communities in Hittite Anatolia" (Committee Chair: Gil Stein)
  • Michele Gama Sosa, "Ḫatti, Troy, and the Balkans: Anatolian-Balkan Interactions During the Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages (1300-1000BC)" (Committee Chair: Richard Payne)
  • Brendan Hainline, "Linguistic Variation in the Pyramid Texts" (Committee Chair: Brian Muhs)
  • Ami Huang, "State, Province, and Temple in Kassite Nippur: A Case Study of the Livestock Economy of the Ereš.Dingir Priestesses" (Committee Chair: Susanne Paulus)
  • Anthony Lauricella, "Reuse to Ruin: The Persistence of the Umayyad Built Landscape" (Committee Chair: Fred Donner and Donald Whitcomb)
  • Robert Marineau, "The Literary Effects of Discourse Patterns in Hittite Texts" (Committee Chair: Petra Goedegebuure)
  • Nicholas Polk, "Deuteronomy and Treaty Texts: A Critical Reexamination of Deuteronomy 13, 17, 27, and 28" (Committee Chair: Dennis Pardee)
  • Oren Siegel, "Walls of the Rulers: The Development of Monumental Enclosure Walls in Ancient Egypt Prior to the New Kingdom" (Committee Chair: Nadine Moeller)
  • Theodore S. Beers, "The Lives of Sām Mīrzā (923–75/1517–67): Dynastic Strife and Literary World-Building in Early Safavid Iran" (Committee Chair: Franklin Lewis)
  • Mustafa Kaya, “Zayn al-Dīn al-Khwāfī (757–838/1356–1435): The Life and Work of a Ṭarīqa-founding Sufi” (Committee Chair: Cornell Fleischer)
  • Pelle Valentin Olsen, "Between Work and School: Leisure and Modernity in Hashemite Baghdad, 1921-1958" (Committee Chair: Orit Bashkin)
  • Kara A. Peruccio, “Women on the Verge: Emotions, Authoritarianism, and the Novel in Italy and Turkey, 1922-1936” (Committee Chair: Holly Shissler)
  • August Same, "The Shibanid Question: Reassessing 16th Century Eurasian History in Post-Soviet Uzbekistan" (Committee Chair: John Woods)
  • Sami Sweis, “Hashemite Household Anxieties: The Amirate of Mecca, Arabism, and the Arab Revolt (1880-1919)” (Committee Chair: Orit Bashkin)