Aamir Bashir

Aamir Bashir
Advisor(s): Ahmed El Shamsy
Islamic Thought
Research Interests: Islamic Legal & Political Thought

Academic Bio

Aamir is a PhD candidate in Islamic Thought. His primary research interests are Islamic law, Islamic education, and Muslim responses to modernity. His dissertation titled "Private Fatwa-giving in a Postcolonial State: A Study of Islamic Legal Reasoning among Deobandi Hanafis in Contemporary Pakistan," explores themes at the intersection of Islamic legal thought (Hanafi rasm al-mufti), social theory (sociology of knowledge), and colonial/postcolonial studies. More specifically, he focuses on a group of traditionally trained jurists who belong to a social/religious reform movement (Deobandīs) that arose in a colonial context (British India) and is currently operating in a postcolonial state (Pakistan). Aamir’s other work encompasses comparative studies of the Middle East and South Asia across premodern and modern eras. Beside his studies, Aamir has also served for many years as a lecturer of Arabic and Islamic studies in diverse settings including UChicago.