Ami Huang

Humanities Teaching Fellow
Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2020
Research Interests: Socioeconomic history, agro-pastoralism, political economy, Kassite studies, Akkadian

Ami Huang (PhD, University of Chicago, 2020) is an Assyriologist whose research focuses on the socioeconomic history of Mesopotamia, especially that of Kassite Babylonia during the late second millennium BCE. Ami's dissertation, titled "State, Province, and Temple in Kassite Nippur: A Case Study of the Livestock Economy of the EREŠ.DINGIR Priestesses," explores the relationship between the provincial administration of Kassite Nippur and the city’s temple households through a case study of the economic transactions recorded between the governor of Nippur and a pair of temple priestesses. During this upcoming academic year, alongside teaching in the College's Humanities Core and the Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations department, Ami will be working on revising this dissertation into a monograph and publishing articles on Kassite administration, history, and economy. One forthcoming publication in the journal Mesopotamia, for instance, provides the first in-depth analysis of a group of poorly understood herding contracts excavated from Kassite Nippur.