Delphine Poinsot

Postdoctoral Fellow

Delphine Poinsot (Oriental Institute post-doctoral fellow 2019-2021) is an art historian specializing in the iconography and sigillography of Iran in late antiquity. The seals and bullae form a particularly relevant source for understanding artistic formation and production in and outside the context of dynasties and aristocracies. However, they also lead us to a less typical use of the image that is relevant for art history, in that the notions of aesthetics and narrative are brought to resonate with administrative and magical practices Her doctoral project focused on animal representation in seals and bullae during the Sasanian period (224 – 651). Her current research project focuses on the representation of the bestiary in the tablets of Persepolis (in collaboration with the Persepolis Fortification Archive Project) during the Achaemenid period. The purpose is to study its links with the Sasanian glyptic’s bestiary, in order to describe the transmitted iconographic traditions and their mode of diffusion. This iconographical approach will also include the analysis of the evolution or permanence in the expression of the natural and cultural environment as reflecting the modes of thought and imaginations from the Achaemenid to the Sasanian culture.