Ella Karev

Ella Karev
Advisor(s): Brian Muhs
Research Interests: Slavery, servitude, bound labor, ownership, Late Period Egypt

Academic Bio

Ella Karev is a PhD candidate in Egyptology. Her dissertation, titled “Slavery and Servitude in Late Period Egypt”, focuses on slavery, serfdom, forced labor, and servitude from the Saite to the Persian period in Egypt, with a focus on the consolidation of Aramaic and Demotic sources and the patterns of continuity and change from earlier periods.

Ella holds a BA in Classics and Archaeology (summa cum laude) from Tel Aviv University, where she focused on Greek philology. At the University of Chicago, Ella has taught Middle Egyptian grammar and texts, Hieratic, Coptic, Greek papyrology, thematic courses, and academic writing. In 2019, she organized the 34th Annual Middle Eastern History and Theory conference. From 2019–2021, Ella served as a fellow at the Chicago Center for Teaching. From 2019–2020, Ella was a Greek papyrology fellow in the Special Collections of the Regenstein Library at the University of Chicago.

Forthcoming Publications: “Ancient Egyptian Slavery and Compulsory Labor: An Overview” in The Palgrave Handbook of Global Slavery

“Inv. Sorb. 2479 and 2480” in Coptica Parisina: Textes et documents de la 6e université d’été de papyrology copte (P. Sorb. Copt.)