Miriam Frenkel

Miriam Frenkel
Israel Institute Visiting Professor
Ph.D., Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2001

Academic Bio

Miriam Frenkel  is associate professor in the Department for Jewish History, where she also serves as B.A advisor, and in the School of History. She is head of the Multi Disciplinary Program and of the Dinur Center for the Study of Jewish History.

Prof. Frenkel studies Jewish medieval history under Islam, her works being mainly based on the reach documentation found in the Cairo Geniza. Her articles and books concern social and cultural aspects of Jewish life in the medieval world of Islam, such as: charity and giving, pilgrimage, travels, material culture, literacy and book culture. She is also the editor of a text book on cultural encounters between Judaism and Islam in the Middle- Ages.

Affiliated Departments and Centers: Center for Middle Eastern Studies