Saeed Ghahremani

Senior Lecturer of Persian (pen-name: Saeed Yousef)

B.A. University of Masshad, Iran.
M.A. University of Frankfurt.
Ph.D. University of Toronto.
Teaching at Chicago since 2002.

Janel M. Mueller Award for Excellence in Pedagogy (2014)

Special Interests

Persian Literature, especially poetry (classical and modern); all issues related to the Language of Poetry and Style in different poets and different periods of Persian Literature; Persian Prosody; History and Culture of Modern Iran, especially from the Qâjâr period to the present; Translation of Literary Texts; Comparative Literature (Persian/German/English); Persian Grammar; Teaching Persian to Non-Native Learners.

Published Works

Books :

( in English ):

  • Persian - A Comprehensive Grammar [English] (to be released in March 2018 by Routledge in London)

  • Intermediate Persian – A Grammar and Workbook [English](to be released in July 2013, published by Routledge in London)

  • Basic Persian – A Grammar and Workbook [English](London: Routledge, 2012)

  • Poetics and Politics - East and West: The Poetries of Ahmad Shāmlu and Berlot Brecht (Canada: Javān Publishers, 2007 )

( in Persian ):

  • Pārsi-gu-ye Degar-khu (poems) [Persian](Wa/DC: Porsa Books, 2017)

  • Va Man dar Chashm-e Khargusham(poems) [Persian](Wa/DC: Porsa Books, 2017)

  • Az Bute-ye Butighā (poems) [Persian](London: H&S Media, 2017)

  • Az Talkhi-ye Chāi tā Bekāham (poems) [Persian](London: H&S Media, 2017)

  • Khoi, Esmail: KOSHTĀR-E 67, BE BĀNG-E BOLAND [Poems], ed. by Saeed Yousef ( Atlanta: Esmail Khoi Foundation, 2005)
  • Jān-bākhtegān be buy-e fardā’i now [‘ Fallen, aspiring to a better tomorrow ’] , long poem ( Germany: Noghteh Publications, 2003)
  • Ghobār-rubi [‘ Dusting ’] , selected poems, Vol. II (Stockholm: Baran Publications, 1993)
  • Ta’ammoli dar rāh [‘ Contemplation on the Way ’] , selected poems, Vol. I (Teheran: Seda Publications, 1993)
  • Now’i az naqd bar now’i az she’r [‘ A Sort of Criticism of a Sort of Poetry ’] , on Persian poetry in the 1970s (Saarbrücken: Nawid Publications, 1987)
  • Sorudhā-ye setāyesh va Ash’ār-e Digar [‘ Songs of Praise and Other Poems ’] , Persian verse-translation of Bertolt Brecht’s poems (Paris: Khavaran Publications, 1985)
  • Zan setāreh-y sukhteh-y donbāleh-dār [‘ From the Burnt-Out Comet ’] , collection of poems (Saarbrücken: Hava-ye Tazeh / Nawid Publications, 1984)
  • She’r-e jonbesh- e novin [‘ Poetry of the New Movement ’] , an anthology of poems (Teheran: Toos Publications, 1979)
  • Dar-āmadi bar ensān-shenāsi [ a translation of Human Beginnings by Olivia Vlahos ] , (Teheran: Sepehr Publications, 1978) 

Chapters in Books ( English and Persian ):  

  • “Poetry in Praise of Passion” (English) in The Road Not Taken, ed. Touraj Atabaki, to be published in 2018. 

  • “She'ri Setāyeshgar-e Shur” (Persian) in Rāhi Digar, ed. Touraj Atabaki (Paris: Noghteh, 2017).

  • Two articles (“The Reader’s Participation in the Process of Creating a Poem,” 1998, and “Debating a Second Adversary,” 1995) reprinted as chapters in Jaan-e Del-e She’r. Critical Reviews of Esmail Khoi’s Poetry, selected & edited by Samsum Kashfi ( Atlanta, GA: Esmail Khoi Foundation, 2002).
  • “On Metres” [“Vazn-e She‘r”, an interview with Mehdi Akhavān-Sāles in Spring 1990], in Sedā-ye heyrat-e bidār – Goft-o-gu-hā-ye Mehdi Akhavān-Sāles , ed. Mortezā Kākhi (Tehran: Zemestān, 1992)

Selected Articles

( in English ):

  • A review of Asghar Seyed-Ghorab’s Mirror of Dew – A Poetry of Ālam-Tāj Zhaleh Qā’em-Maqāmi (Ilex Foundation, Boston, 2014) in SCTIW Review Journal, July 21, 2015.
  • A review of Kamran Talattof’s The Politics of Writing in Iran. A History of Modern Persian Literature ( Syracuse, New York: Syracuse University Press, 2000) published in The Middle East and South Asia Folklore Bulletin (Vol. 19/1, Winter/Spring 2003).
  • A review of Dr. Alice C Hunsberger’s Nasir Khusraw, The Ruby of Badakhshan: A Portrait of the Persian Poet, Traveller and Philosopher (London: 2000) published in the Middle East Studies Association Bulletin (Vol. 35, #2,Winter 2001, pp. 220-221).
  • “Brecht’s Poems in Persian: The First Attempt at a Verse Translation,” in: Communications [Journal of the International Brecht Society], Vol. 22, No. 1, May 1993, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • “Brecht’s Poems in Persian Translation,” in: Poetry Periodical, Vol. 1, No. 1, October 1995, Frankfurt, Germany.
  • “The Time Wasted for Salman Rushdie,” in: The Toronto South Asian Review, Vol. 11, No. 2, Winter 1993, Toronto, Canada.

( in German ):

  • “Wir dürfen Ssohrab Ssepehri nicht zuhören - Die Stellung Ssepehris in der heutigen persischen Lyrik,” in: Poetry Periodical, Vol. 1, No. 2, April 1996, Frankfurt, Germany.
  • “Man kann nicht alle gefährdeten Autoren verstecken,” interview, in: Frankfurter Rundschau, August 5 th 1994, Frankfurt, Germany.
  • “Traum,” in: Die Brücke, No. 56, September-October 1990/5.

( in Persian ):

  • Homage to Ālam-Tāj (Zhaleh) on the Occasion of Women’s Day (March 8, 2016) in:
  •  A review of Asghar Seyed-Ghorab’s Mirror of Dew – A Poetry of Ālam-Tāj Zhaleh Qā’em-Maqāmi (Ilex Foundation, Boston, 2014) in Iran Nameh, 30:4 (Winter 2016).
  • “Homage to Mohammad Ghahreman”, in: Shahrvand, No. 1542 (Toronto: May 14, 2015).
  • A review of Firoozeh Papan-Matin’s The Love Poems of Ahmad Shamlu ( Bethesda, Maryland: Ibex Publishers, 2005); to be published in: Iranshenasi – A Journal of Iranian Studies .
  • “The Story of the Other One” [“Revāyat-e ān digari”] in: Ārash No. 97, November 2006.
  • “Persian Language and Iranian Nationality” [“Zabān-e Fārsi va Melliyyat-e Irāni”], in: Shahrvand, No. 1086 ( Toronto: August 11, 2006)
  • “A difficult step towards simplicity in Simin Behbahāni’s ghazal” [“Gāmi doshvār be-suy-e sādegi dar ghazal-e Simin Behbahāni”] in: Iran Nameh 1-2, 2006.
  • “Personality vs. Individuality in Political Literature” [“Shakhsiyyat va fardiyyat dar adabiyyāt-e siyāsi-e iran”] published in Ārash No. 92-93, September 2005.
  • A review of Houshang Golshiri’s Black Parrot, Green Crow – A Collection of Short Fiction, ed. Heshmat Moayyad ( Washington, D.C.: Mage Publishers, 2003) in: Iranshenasi – A Journal of Iranian Studies XVII.1. Spring 2005.
  • A review of Shahram Ahadi’s Verbergänzungen und zusammengesetzte Verben im Persischen (Wiesbaden: Reichert Verlag, 2001) in: Iranshenasi – A Journal of Iranian Studies XV.2. Summer 2003.
  • “A difficult step towards a simpler ghazal – on Simin Behbahāni’s poetry” [“Gāmi doshvār be-suy-e sādegi dar ghazal”] published in Ārash No. 84, June 2003.
  • “The story of a song” [“Towzih darbāre-ye yek sorud”], ‘Epilogue’ to the anthology [no ed.]: Sorud va Tarāneh ( Hamburg: Sonboleh Publications, August 2001).
  • “Shāmlu Won” [“Shāmlu barandeh shod”] [on Ahmad Shamlu’s poetry], in: Ārash, No. 75-76 ( Pontoise, France: February 2001)
  • Persian translation of Haroon Siddiqui’s article “Edward Said: Embattled But Unbowed” (Toronto Star) in: Sepidār No. 16, June 23, 2000.
  • Persian translation of Heiner Müller’s short story ‘Das Eiserne Kreuz’ reprinted in: Sepidār No. 16, June 23, 2000.
  • “Death of Ernst Jandl, the Poet Who Broke the Norms” [“Marg-e Ernst Jandl, shā’er-e hanjār-shekani-hā”], in: Sepid ār No. 15, June 16, 2000.
  • “On Hushang Golshiri’s Short Story ‘What have We Been Through, Bārbad?’” [“Negāhi be dāstāni kutāh az Hushang Golshiri”], in: Sepid ār No. 14, June 9, 2000.
  • “Hushang Golshiri and the Anxiety about Dying Early” [“Hushang Golshiri va daghdagheh-ye javān-margi”], in: Sepid ār No. 14, June 9, 2000.
  • “Mehdi Akhavān-Sāles” [on the poet Mehdi Akhāvan-Sāles], in: Sepid ār No. 12, May 26, 2000.
  • “Sensing Language and Lingual sensitiveness” [“Hess-e zabān va hassāsiyat-e zabāni,” on language in poetry], in: Shahrvand, No. 431 (Toronto: October 22, 1999)
  • “Playing a Foreign [=False] Note” [“Va nam-namak khārej mi-zanam,” on Iranian exile poetry], in: Shahrvand, No. 406 (Toronto: April 30, 1999)
  • “A Group Photograph” [“Aks-e dasteh-jam’ee,” on the poet/scholar Mohammad Mokhtāri], in: Shahrvand, No. 388 (Toronto: December 25, 1998)
  • “In the Slaughterhouse of Dialogue” [“Dar qatl-gāh-e goft-o-shenid,” on the poet/scholar Mohammad Mokhtāri], in: Shahrvand, No. 387 (Toronto: December 18, 1998)
  • “Hamid Mosaddeq: The Poet’s Share of the General Recognition” [obituary on the poet Hamid Mosaddeq], in: Shahrvand, No. 386 (Toronto: December 11, 1998)
  • “The Reader’s Participation in the Process of Creating a Poem” [“Sherkat dādan-e mokhātab dar farāyand-e sorāyesh], in: …den!, No. 6&7 (Malmö: December 1998)
  • “On the Association of Iranian Writers,” in: Ārash, No. 65 (Cedex, France: December-January 1997-98)
  • “Chopping the Smile off the Lips of Poetry” [on publication of poetry in Iran], in: Didār, No. 4-6 (Darmstadt: September-October 1997)
  • “Some Thoughts on Nimā’s Style” [“Ta’ammoli bar shiveh-ye kār-e Nimā”, on Nimā Yushij’s technique in poetry], in: …den!, No. 4 (Malmö: December 1996)
  • “Of the Consequences of Hearing Well” [a response to another article], in: Mihan, No. 16 (Paris: June 1996)
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  • “On Publishing in Iran,” in: Ārash, No. 39-40 (Lognes, France: June-July 1994)
  • “Again on Spelling” [“Bāz ham dar gostareh-ye emlā’,” questioning innovations practiced in Persian spelling], in: Fākhteh, No. 5-6 (Amsterdam: Spring 1994)
  • “Interview with Saeed Yousef” [“Goft-o-gu bā Saeed Yousef”], in: Sepidār No. 10-11, October 1993.
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  • “On Vladimir Mayakovsky,” in: Zamān-e Now (Tehran: I/1, 1981)
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