Nadine Moeller

Associate Professor of Egyptian Archaeology

 Ph.D. in Egyptology and Archaeology (Christ’s College, Cambridge) 2004. Teaching at the University of Chicago since 2007.

Special Interests

Urbanism, Settlement archaeology, Socio-economic and poltical aspects of ancient Egyptian society, Settlement formation processes, Old and Middle Kingdom art, Ceramics of the Old Kingdom, First Intermediate Period and Middle Kingdom, ancient Egyptian chronology and Second Intermediate Period archaeology & history

Nadine Moeller is Associate Professor of Egyptian Archaeology at the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago. She has been directing the Tell Edfu Project since 2001, and her primary research interestes are settlements and urbanism in ancient Egypt. Over the years she has participated in numerous excavations in Egypt at the sites of Abu Raswash, Memphis, Zawiet Sultan (Zawiet el-Meitin), Theban West Bank, Valley of the Kings, Dendera and Elephantine. For current updates on the work of the Tell Edfu Project, see the Oriental Institute site or the University of Chicago site.

For a list of Professor Moeller's academic work and accomplishments, see her CV here.