Joseph Cross

Joseph Cross
Egyptology Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East
Research Interests: Narrative literature, Graeco-Roman Egypt, Hebrew Bible

Academic Bio

Joseph is a PhD candidate in Egyptology and Hebrew Bible who specializes in Demotic and Hebrew narrative literature, and is writing his dissertation on Egyptian and Judean novellas after the Iron Age. In his research, he models concrete modes of literary production and elucidates its broader socio-historical context. Trained in both Egyptian and in Northwest Semitic philology as well as in biblical criticism, he also draws on ideological criticism and literary theory. His book chapter entitled “The Corpus of Northwest Semitic Texts in Egyptian Script” is forthcoming in the Oxford Handbook of Ancient Egypt and the Hebrew Bible (2021). Joseph teaches for the Oriental Institute and has been involved in docent education. He has taught Middle Egyptian at the University of Chicago and has been an instructor for the Writing Program, awarded the Karen Dinal Memorial Award for teaching writing in 2017.

Current job: Research fellow, ERC project "From Texts to Literature: Demotic Egyptian Papyri and the Formation of the Hebrew Bible" (DEMBIB), Humboldt University Berlin