Language Programs & Resources

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NELC regularly offers courses in more than twenty languages. Our language program pages provide more details about course offerings, extracurricular opportunities, and program faculty. Do note that more program pages will be available soon.

Chicago Language Center

The Chicago Language Center provides technology-enhanced resources for instructors and students as well as classrooms and pedagogical training in language instruction. They also administer the graduate reading examinations.

The CLC administers Chicago's Summer Language Institute, which offers a variety of language courses during summer quarter. The SLI is open to current students and students outside the university by application. Newly admitted NELC PhD students may take courses at the SLI before formally entering the program in the autumn quarter. 

Courses and other programming at the English Language Institute serves students for whom English is an additional language. 

UChicago students wishing to take language not taught at UChicago may participate in the CourseShare program with other schools in the Big Ten Academic Alliance. This program allows students to enroll in select courses at institutions within the BTAA and participate via videoconferencing organized by the Chicago Language Center. 

Language Circles & Other Resources

At the University of Chicago, language circles provide weekly opportunities for speakers and students of modern languages to listen to lectures given in the language of interest by faculty, students, and outside speakers. These include Arabic Circle, Armenian Circle, Hebrew Circle, Persian Circle, and Turkish Circle.

The Adabiyat email list, dedicated to the scholarly discussion of the literary traditions of the Middle East, both modern and medieval, including especially (but not exclusively) Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Urdu and Hebrew, is administered at the University of Chicago.