Lise Truex

Lise Truex
Advisor(s): McGuire Gibson
Near Eastern Art and Archaeology

Academic Bio

Lise is a PhD Candidate specializing in the Archaeology and Art of late prehistoric and early historic Mesopotamia and Egypt. Her research and teaching interests emphasize early complex societies, early states, early urbanism, households, neighborhoods, artifact analysis, spatial analysis, iconography, ancient texts, and cultural heritage preservation. She is completing her dissertation on the socioeconomic and political connections between households and institutions in the Early Dynastic and Akkadian (late 3rd millennium BC) levels of an urban neighborhood at Tell Asmar (ancient Eshnunna), Iraq. For her MA thesis, she investigated sociopolitical competition and ideology at Early Dynastic Ur. Her advisor is McGuire Gibson.

As a NELC lecturer, she has taught Mesopotamian archaeology and art. She completed teaching assistantships for the Ancient Empires sequence (Neo-Assyria) and teaching internships for the Social Sciences and Humanities Collegiate Divisions. In fieldwork, she has served as Assistant Trench Supervisor and Registrar of Objects at Tell Zeidan, Syria.