Madadh Richey

Madadh Richey
Humanities Teaching Fellow in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations & the College
Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2019

Academic Bio

Madadh Richey works on discourses of mythology, magic, and monstrosity in ancient Middle Eastern sources, especially the Hebrew Bible. She is at work on two book projects. The first explores Levantine and Mesopotamian popular engagement through visual art with the theme of divine combat. The second analyzes decapitation motifs in the Deuteronomistic History books of Judges, Samuel, and Kings through an approach that merges contextual, historical study with queer and horror theoretical methods. In an effort to deepen the source basis for such broader discussions, she also publishes first editions and studies of epigraphic sources in late-second- and first-millennium b.c.e. Northwest Semitic languages, including Ugaritic, Phoenician and Punic, and various dialects of Aramaic. Her ongoing work in this area includes publications of new inscriptions from Zincirli (ancient Sam’al) and of forgotten sources for Aramaic-language magical praxis.

Selected Publications

Richey, Madadh. “The Image of the Dragon in RS 16.266 (= KTU1–3 1.83): Ugaritic √trp and its Syriac, Jewish Babylonian Aramaic, and Mandaic Cognates.” Journal of the American Oriental Society, forthcoming.

Richey, Madadh. “The Verb *√l(-)ð ‘to remove’ in Early Aramaic Curses and the Evolution of Aramaic Interdental Orthography and Phonology.” Journal of Semitic Studies 65.1, forthcoming.

Richey, Madadh. “The Thunder of the Prophets: Elijah and Elisha’s גה''ר (1 Kgs 18:42; 2 Kgs 4:34–35.” Zetischrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft 131.2 (2019): 235–243.

Richey, Madadh. “Phoenician Inscriptions” and “The Alphabet and its Legacy.” Pages 223–56 in The Oxford Handbook of the Phoenician and Punic Mediterranean, ed. Carolina López-Ruiz and Brian Doak. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019.

Vanderhooft, David / Richey, Madadh / Lipschits, Oded. “A New Type of Yehud Stamp Impression – yhwd / gdlyh.” Israel Exploration Journal 69.1 (2019): 54–59.

Richey, Madadh. “The Dwelling of ˀIlu in Baˁlu and ˀAqhatu.” Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Religions 17.2 (2017): 149–185.

DeGrado, Jessie / Richey, Madadh. “An Aramaic-Inscribed Lamaštu Amulet from Zincirli.” Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 377 (2017): 107–133.