March 8-9 Conference: Persian & Iranian Studies on Honor of Heshmat Moayyad

Persian and Iranian Studies in Honor of Heshmat Moayyad
A Two-day Conference at the University of Chicago
Franke Institute, University of Chicago, 8 – 9 March 2019

Preliminary Schedule (1 February 2019)

DAY 1: Friday 8 March, Franke Institute, Regenstein Library

8:30am Coffee & Refreshments

Panel I:  In Memory of Our Ostad, Prof. Heshmat Moayyad (1927-2018)       
Chair: John Woods, NELC, University of Chicago

9:00am  “Heshmat Moayyad: Iranian Baha’i Scholar”
              -- Franklin Lewis
                 Chair, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, University of Chicago
9:25am  Poem for Ostad Moayyad
            -- Saeed Yousef (Ghahremani)
               Department of Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, University of
9:35am  “Religious syncretism and Social Change: Jews of Hamadan, 1880s to
             -- Mehrdad Amanat
                 Fellow, Iranian Studies Initiative, University of California Santa Barbara
10:20am  Discussion

10:35-10:45am Coffee

Panel II:  Khorasani Sufism and the Articulation of an Iranian Islamic Spirituality 
Chair: Thibaut d’Hubert, South Asian Languages & Civilizations, UChicago

10:45am  “From Blessed Lips: The Textualization of Abu Saʿid’s Dicta and Deeds”
                  -- Austin O'Malley
                     School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies, University of
11:30am  “Shaykh Ahmad-e Jâm, the Colossal Elephant, Revisited”
                 -- Franklin Lewis
                    Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University
                    of Chicago
12:15pm  Discussion

12:30-2:00  Lunch

Panel III:  Persian Narrative Poetry and the Creation of Literary Identity
Chair: John Perry, emeritus, NELC, University of Chicago

2:00pm  “‘The Earth My Throne, The Heavens My Crown’:
                 Siyavash as Supranational Hero in Firdawsi’s Shahnama
                -- Alyssa Gabbay
                Department of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina,
2:45pm  “The Sources of Varqa and Golshāh
                 -- Cameron Cross
                 Department of Middle East Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
3:30pm   Discussion

3:45-4:00  Coffee

Panel IV:  Persian and the Post-Mongol Global Persianate
Chair:    Cornell Fleischer, NELC, University of Chicago

4:00pm  “Nef‘i and the Persistence of Persian Poetic Production among Ottoman
                Literati in the Seventeenth Century”
                -- Sooyong Kim
                Department of English Language and Comparative Literature, Koç
                University, Istanbul
4:45pm  “‘Over above and under below’: The Description of Poetry in Zohuri’s
                --Paul Losensky
                Departments of Comparative Literature, and Central Eurasian Studies,
                Indiana University, Bloomington    
5:30pm  Discussion

6:30-8:30pm  Conference Dinner at the Quad Club

DAY 2:  Saturday 9 March, Franke Institute, Regenstein Library

9:00am  Coffee and Refreshments

Panel V: Babi and Baha’i Studies
Chair:  Orit Bashkin, Center for Middle Eastern Studies and NELC, Univ. of Chicago

9:30am  “The Mystical Poetics of Exegesis:  The Bab’s Tafsir surat al-baqara
               -- Todd Lawson
               Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, Emeritus,
               University of Toronto
10:15am “New Considerations about Tahirih Qurrat al-`Ayn:  Her Activism,
                Theology & Poetry
                --Abbas Amanat
                Department of History, Yale University
11:00am  “Pathologizing Iran: How Medical Concepts were Deployed in
                Anti-Baha’i Discourse”
                Mohamad Tavakoli-Targhi
                Department of Historical Studies, University of Toronto, Missasauga
11:45am  Discussion

Noon- 1:15pm Lunch

Panel VI:  Recovering the Voices of Women in Persian Literature
Chair:  Judith Wilks, Northwestern University (retired)

1:15pm  “Making Room in the Canon for Two Early Persian Poets: Rabi`a and
              --Sunil Sharma
              Department of World Languages and Literatures, Boston University
2:00pm  “Fakhr-e Ozma Arghun: poet of late Qajar and early Pahlavi Iran”
               -- Dominic Parviz Brookshaw
               University of Oxford
2:45pm  “Forough Farrokhzad: 50 years after her death”
               -- Farzaneh Milani
               Depts. of Women, Gender & Sexuality, and Middle Eastern and South
               Asian Languages & Cultures, University of Virginia
3:30pm  Discussion

3:45-4:00pm  Coffee

PANEL VII: Fiction and Film in Iran, 20th and 21st Centuries
Chair:   Holly Shissler, Center for Middle Eastern Studies and NELC, Univ. of Chicago

4:00pm  “State-Sponsored Serial Murder in Film and Fiction Banned in Iran"
                --Paul Sprachman
                Rutgers University (Retired) 
4:45pm  “The Love Song of M. Sadegh Hedayat: The Blind Owl Revisited”
                -- Michael Hillmann
                Middle Eastern Studies, University of Texas, Austin
5:30pm  Discussion and Summation

6:00pm Reception