Matthew Travis Barber

Matthew Barber studies Islamic thought and modern Middle East history. His interests include theological orientations toward pluralism and intercommunal relations. He has published on ethnic and religious minorities in Syria, Iraq, and Kurdistan.

Matthew has served as a leading proponent of the response to the Yazidi Genocide, spearheading a range of humanitarian and advocacy projects and providing public lectures, briefings for government agencies, and consultations for media personnel, officials and parliamentarians, and researchers. In 2014 he helped facilitate the first delegation of Yazidi religious and tribal leaders to the White House. In 2015-16 he served in Iraq as the director of the Yazda humanitarian organization, which provides aid to thousands of displaced Yazidis, advocates for Yazidi rights, and published the first report on Yazidi mass graves. Matthew also assisted Nadia Murad, Iraq’s first Nobel Peace Prize winner, in editing the manuscript of The Last Girl, her autobiographical account of surviving sexual enslavement.