Movies From the Middle East- Delshodegan 'The Love-stricken'

May 6, 2022 | 1:00PM

Friday May 6, 1:00 pm (Harper 145)


Delshodegan 'The Love-stricken' (1992), in Persian (1h 31min)

Director: Ali Hatami

"A movie about the Iranian classical musicians in Ghajar era and their struggle to release their first Record which takes them on a journey to France. While Ahmad Shah Ghajar is ruling in Iran, a French businessman takes some of the best Iranian musicians to Paris to record some of the oldest Iranian traditional songs and music. Agha Hosein Delnavaz takes responsibility for the artists. The French businessman leaves them by themselves when they reach Paris, but Agha Hossein Delnavaz sells his home to provide the money to finish the job and record the songs. The money of selling the house also runs out and the group now has to put on a concert to make money. In the concert, Taher Khan, the singer, sings so movingly that he puts the light back in the eyes of a Turkish Princess. Taher Khan dies, and the rest of the group leave France to Iran by the ship. The ship sinks by the flames of the first world war, with all the records and artists in it."