Prospective Students

In addition to a B.A. program for undergraduates, NELC offers Ph.D. programs in a wide variety of fields of study in the Near or Middle East, including: History and Culture, Language and Literature (including Linguistics), Intellectual History, and Art and Archaeology. These programs are grouped under three main headings, Ancient (prehistory to the rise of Islam) Modern (Muhammad to the present), and Interdisciplinary. There are departmental counselors for each of these areas who guide the students through their programs of study.

Detailed descriptions of each program

For individuals interested in pursuing a terminal M.A. in the medieval and modern periods of Middle Eastern Studies, please visit the following links:

Interdisciplinary Programs

Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East - The function of the program entitled Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East is to allow for a basic Northwest Semitic Philology program with emphasis on the Hebrew Bible to be joined either with another field within NELC (e.g., Egyptology, Assyriology) or with training in biblical criticism and exegesis in the Divinity School.

Joint Program

Joint Program with Linguistics - There exists a formal joint program with the Department of Linguistics in which students complete all the requirements for both degrees. Students initially apply to only one of the departments and must complete the six foundational courses in Linguistics before formally applying for admission into the joint program. Students who originate their studies in NELC do their major language concentration in a NELC language.

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