Robert Marineau

Teaching Fellow
Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2020

Robert Marineau (PhD, University of Chicago, 2020) is a Hittitologist whose research focuses on the intersection of discourse analysis and literary theory in Hittite textual sources. Robert’s dissertation, titled “The Literary Effects of Discourse Patterns in Hittite Texts,” describes multi-sentence discourse structural patterns with an emphasis on discourse cohesion. It then analyzes these patterns for the presence of linguistic features that conform to what literary theorists claim create literary effects that are experienced as aesthetic. While teaching in the College’s Humanities Core and the Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations department, Robert will be working on revising his dissertation for publication as well as finalizing a variety of articles for publication that expand on the work of his dissertation. One article under review will be published by Brill in a volume of articles on narrative theory called The Shape of Stories: Narrative Structures in Cuneiform Literature, edited by Gina Konstatopoulos and Sophus Helle.