Sasha Rohret

Sasha Rohret
Advisor(s): Nadine Moeller
Near Eastern Art and Archaeology
Research Interests: Egypt

Academic Bio

Sasha Rohret is an Egyptian Archaeology PhD student with a specialty in zooarchaeology. Her research interests include domestication and animal husbandry in the ancient Near East, state provisioning and household economies, and the link between production strategies and the political economy. Her dissertation work focuses on the use of faunal remains from Old Kingdom and First Intermediate Period contexts at Edfu and Dendera to understand if and how production strategies changed after the collapse of the centralized government, and if these changes impacted the economic structure at these settlement sites. Sasha has been a teaching assistant for undergraduate courses in New Kingdom Archaeology and Bioarchaeology at the University of Chicago, and will teach a course on Forensic Archaeology in Winter 2018. She has also been actively involved in museum education at the Oriental Institute where she has given lectures and designed and implemented student and family programs.