Theresa Tiliakos

Theresa Tiliakos
Advisor(s): Janet H. Johnson
Research Interests: New Kingdom Egypt, Third Intermediate Period Egypt, gender, identity, lived experience

Academic Bio

Theresa Tiliakos is a PhD student in Egyptology. Her research focuses on the construction of identity in the New Kingdom and Third Intermediate Period, women in the New Kingdom, and Late Egyptian literature and language.

Theresa received a dual degree in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania in 2013. In 2017, she received an MA from the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Chicago. While at Penn, Theresa worked as a field archaeologist in South Abydos, Egypt at the town of Wah-Sut and the mortuary complex of Senwosret III.

At the University of Chicago, Theresa has served as a Language Assistant for Middle Egyptian grammar and texts, as a Course Assistant for New Kingdom history and material culture, and as a Lecturer for Middle Egyptian Hieratic and a seminar on the lived experience of non-royal Egyptians. She is a graduate research assistant for the Chicago Demotic Dictionary, where she works on content creation and copyediting. She also works as a graduate research assistant for the Oriental Institute Demotic Ostraca Online (OIDOO) project, where she assists in the creation of a database of the Institute’s collection of Demotic ostraca.