Yanxiao He

Advisor(s): Richard Payne
Ancient Near Eastern History

Academic Bio

Yanxiao He is a third-year PhD student in the ancient history program. His major interests are the social and cultural history of the Hellenistic world (especially Near East and Central Asia), the image of the “other” in ancient historiography/ethnography/geography traditions (mostly Greco-Roman and Chinese), and late antique Eurasia. He just completed his second-year thesis by giving a cultural historical account on the way in which Bactria functioned as a double-faced mirror between the West and the East in antiquity. Following this line of inquiry, he hopes to further explore the transformation of Hellenism in Bactria during the Kushan time. He is also developing his newly found interest in Hellenistic poetry, especially its relation with political culture. Before starting his PhD at Chicago, he received his BA degree from Indiana University, Bloomington where he had done a combined studies of Central Asian Studies, Sinology, and Classics through IU’s unique IMP program.