Rebecca Hasselbach-Andee

Associate Professor of Comparative Semitics

PhD with distinction in Semitic Philology, Harvard University, June 2004.

Teaching at Chicago since 2005

Rebecca Hasselbach-Andee teaches classes in Comparative Semitics and introductions and advanced classes in various Semitic languages, including Classical Ethiopic (Ge‘ez), Old South Arabian, and Ancient North Arabian.

Her research interests focus on several areas and methodologies. Hasselbach-Andee uses the methodologies of Historical and Comparative Linguistics to attempt to reconstruct features of the ancestor language of the Semitic language family, Proto Semitic, and to understand the historical developments of the individual Semitic languages. In addition, she also works with typological approaches in order to investigate how Semitic languages work in general and how they compare to other language families. In her latest research, she also developed an interest in socio-linguistic approaches to language, especially relating to languages in contact and the question of what determines the degree to which languages are influenced by each other.  


PhD in Semitic Philology, Harvard University, June 2004. Graduated with distinction.

             Dissertation: A Historical and Comparative Study of Sargonic Akkadian.

PhD Candidate in Hebrew Bible, Johns Hopkins University, 1998-99.

M.A. Jewish Studies / Hebrew Bible, University of Heidelberg (Germany), May 1998.

             MA-Thesis: The Rephaim in the Hebrew Bible and in Ugarit - A Philological Investigation



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