Aidan Kaplan

Aidan Kaplan
Assistant Instructional Professor
Pick 302
Teaching at UChicago since 2019

Aidan Kaplan earned his M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Chicago, where his research focused on issues of language, gender, and power in al-Sāq ‘alā al-Sāq (Leg Over Leg) by Aḥmad Fāris al-Shidyāq. He has studied Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (TAFL) at Middlebury’s Arabic School, where he expects to complete his M.A. in TAFL in the summer of 2020. His interests in the field of Arabic pedagogy include intercultural competence and approaches to diglossia.

Recent & Regularly Taught Courses

ARAB 10101 - 02 - 03 Elementary Arabic

Subject Area: Arabic Language Program