Alumni Placement

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Rogers Fund, 1903 (
Name Dissertation Title / Advisor Job Placement
Tahera Qutbuddin & Hussein Agrama
Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies, Bard College
Raghda (Didi) El-Behaedi "A Story of Resilience: Using Remote Sensing, GIS, and Geophysical Techniques to Reconstruct Paleolake and Settlement Development in the Egyptian Fayum Depression"
Nadine Moeller & Mehrnoush Soroush
Assistant Professor of Mediterranean Archaeology in the Department of Classics, Archaeology, and Religion, University of Missouri
Betül Kaya "A Sociolegal History of Judging non-Muslim Communal Affairs in early seventeenth-century greater Istanbul "
Hakan Karateke
Donald Whitcomb
Research Associate, Institute of Nautical Archaeology
Name Dissertation Title / Advisor Job Placement
Ahmed El Shamsy
Yanxiao He "Post-Hellenistic Asia and Common Ethnographic Knowledge in Rome and China"
Richard Payne
Shuimu Scholar, Society of Fellows, Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, Beijing
Franklin Lewis & Thibaut d'Hurbert
Assistant Professor of Classical Persian Literature, Department of Asian Studies, The University of British Columbia
Allison Kanner-Botan "Maddening Love: Islamic Thought and the Politics of Desire in the Legend ofLayla and Majnun"
Michael Sells & Tahera Qutbuddin/Franklin Lewis
Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow , the University of Colorado Boulder
Ghenwa Hayek
Teaching Fellow, the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, The University of Chicago
Thalia Lysen "Staging Kingship: A Performance-Oriented Approach to the Hittite Theatre of State"
Theo van den Hout
Policy Officer, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in The Hague
Petra Goedegebuure & Chris Woods
Research Associate (VIEWS Project), The University of Cambridge
Luiza Osorio G. da Silva "Kingship in the Everyday: Experiencing Royal Authority in the Middle Kingdom"
James Osborne & Nadine Moeller
Assistant Professor of Ancient Art History and Archeology, the University of California, Irvine
Brian Muhs
Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Pennsylvania State University
John Woods
Name Dissertation Title / Advisor Job Placement
Joseph Cross "The Poetics of Plot in the Egyptian and Judean Novela"
Dennis Pardee & Robert Ritner
Research fellow, ERC project "From Texts to Literature: Demotic Egyptian Papyri and the Formation of the Hebrew Bible" (DEMBIB), Humboldt University Berlin,
Ella Karev "Slavery and Servitude in Late Period Egypt (c. 900 – 330 BC)"
Brian Muhs
Senio Lecturer in Egyptology, Tel Aviv University
Dennis Pardee
Faculty Fellow in Theology, School of Theology & Christian Ministry, Belmont University
Isabel Lachenauer "Art Wept: New Approaches to Reading Emotions in Dnismendnme"
Hakan Karateke
Sunwoo Lee "Exploring Pain in Ancient Egypt"
Janet Johnson
Fred Donner
Teaching Fellow in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and in the College, The University of Chicago
Rao Mohsin Ali Noor "Contending With Crisis: Sacred Bodies and the Ottoman Quest for order in the long 17th century "
Hakan Karateke
Assistant Professor of Early Modern Ottoman History at Johns Hopkins University,
Orit Bashkin
Associate, Product Analyst , KPMG
Doren Snoek "Social Memory, Scribalism, and the Book of Chronicles"
Dennis Pardee
Teaching Fellow in the Divinity School, The University of Chicago
Ahmed El Shamsy
Name Dissertation Title / Advisor Job Placement
Michael J. Bechtel "From Collective Sovereignty to Autocracy: the Evolution of the Mongol Empire, 1227-1251"
John Woods
Instructor, Department of History, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Nazarbayev University
Andrew Burlingame "Ugaritic Indefinite Pronouns: Linguistic, Social, and Textual Perspectives"
Dennis Pardee
Assistant Professor of Hebrew, Wheaton College
Ekin Enacar "We Laugh at Our Misery: Political Satire, Censorship, and Opposition in the Ottoman Empire (1908-1911)"
Holly Shissler
Carol Fan "The Great Mongol Empire: Fragmentation, Unity, and Continuity (1206–C.1300)"
John Woods
Teaching Fellow in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and in the College, The University of Chicago
Samuel Harris "Public Works and Private Work on the Threshold of Complexity: The Production & Use of Space at Late Chalcolithic 1 Tell Surezha, Iraq"
Gil Stein
Visiting Instructor, Cornerstone Liberal Arts Program, Purdue University
Tynan Kelly "Prophetic Eloquence as Linguistic Precedent: Arabic and the Philology of the Hadith in the 2nd/8th Century"
Tahera Qutbuddin
Teaching Fellow in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and in the College, The University of Chicago
Tahera Qutbuddin
Rhyne King "The House of the Satrap and the Making of the Achaemenid Persian Empire, 522-330 BCE"
Richard Payne & Wouter Henkelman
Visiting Assistant Professor at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World , New York University
Chelsie May "Watching Whiteness Work: The Racialization of Jewish Women in Iraq and Israel/Palestine"
Orit Bashkin
Teaching Fellow in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and in the College, The University of Chicago
Mohammad Sagha "Hidden Empires: Revolt, Leadership, and Underground Networks in the Emergence of Early Shiʿi Muslim Sectarian Identities"
Ahmed El Shamsy
Lecturer in Modern Middle East, Harvard Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations.
Akiva Sanders "Confrontation and Innovation Between Highland and Lowland: the Upper Euphrates Region in the Early Third Millennium BCE"
James Osborne
Dan David Fellow in the Study of the Past , Tel Aviv University (2022-2024)
Hongwei Zhang "When They Change the Way They Speak: Contact-Induced Word Order Shifts in Semitic"
Rebecca Hasselbach
Name Dissertation Title / Advisor Job Placement
Theodore Beers "The Lives of Sām Mīrzā (923–75/1517–67): Dynastic Strife and Literary World-Building in Early Safavid Iran"
Franklin Lewis
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Freie Universität Berlin
Joshua Cannon "Painted Ceramic Traditions and Rural Communities in Hittite Anatolia"
Gil Stein
Scholar-Mentor, Honors College, University of Pittsburgh
Brendan Hainline "Linguistic Variation in the Pyramid Texts"
Brian Muhs
Teaching Fellow in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, in the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, and in the College, The University of Chicago
Ami Huang "State, Province, and Temple in Kassite Nippur: A Case Study of the Livestock Economy of the EREŠ.DINGIR Priestesses"
Susanne Paulus
Systems Engineer, McMaster-Carr
Michael Johnson "Crafting Culture at Alalakh: Tell Atchana and the Political Economy of Metallurgy"
James Osborne
Cultural Resources GIS Specialist, Stell Environmental Enterprises
Anthony Lauricella "Reuse to Ruin: The Persistence of the Umayyad Built Landscape"
Donald Whitcomb & Fred Donner
Acting Director, Center for Ancient Middle Eastern Landscapes, The Oriental Institute
Robert Marineau "The Literary Effects of Discourse Patterns in Hittite Texts"
Petra Goedegebuure
Teaching Fellow in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and in the College, The University of Chicago
Pelle Valentin Olsen "Between Work and School: Leisure and Modernity in Hashemite Baghdad, 1921-1958"
Orit Bashkin
Postdoctoral Fellow, Roskilde University, Denmark
Kara A. Peruccio "Women on the Verge: Emotions, Authoritarianism, and the Novel in Italy and Turkey, 1922-1936"
Holly Shissler
Assistant Professor of Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and History, University of Maine
Nicholas Polk "Deuteronomy and Treaty Texts: A Critical Reexamination of Deuteronomy 13, 17, 27, and 28"
Dennis Pardee
Senior Administrative Analyst, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)
August Samie "The Shibanid Question: Reassessing 16th-Century Eurasian History in Post-Soviet Uzbekistan"
John Woods
Oren Siegel "Walls of the Rulers: The Development of Monumental Enclosure Walls in Ancient Egypt Prior to the New Kingdom "
Nadine Moeller
Postdoctoral researcher and digital specialist, Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures at the Polish Academy of Sciences
Sami Sweis "Hashemite Household Anxieties: The Amirate of Mecca, Arabism, and the Arab Revolt (1880-1919)"
Orit Baskin
Visiting Assistant Professor of History, Centre College
Amir Toft "Revaluing the Price of Blood: Homicide in Islamic Jurisprudence and Ottoman Law"
Ahmed El Shamsy
Associate Chaplain of the University for the Muslim Community, Brown University
Name Dissertation Title / Advisor Job Placement
Toygun Altintas " Crisis and (Dis)Order: Armenian Revolutionaries and the Hamidian Regime in the Ottoman Empire, 1887-1896"
Holly Shissler
EUME Fellow, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Shiraz Hajiani "Reconstructing Alamut: New Approaches to the Study of the Qiyāma and the Nizari Polity in Iran"
John Woods
Alwaleed Postdoctoral Fellow in Islamic Studies - Harvard University, Research Associate in Transcendence and Transformation, Center for the Study of World Religions and Lecturer in Islamic Studies, Harvard Divinity School
Samuel Hodgkin "Lāhūtī: Persian Poetry in the Making of the Literary International, 1906-1957"
Franklin Lewis
Assistant Professor in the Department of Comparative Literature, Yale University
Charles Huff "Punishment in the Priestly Literature"
Dennis Pardee
Assistant Professor of Sacred Scripture, St. Bernard's School of Theology and Ministry
N. Ipek Huner Cora "'The Story Has It:' Prose, Gender, and Space in the Early Modern Ottoman World"
Hakan Karateke
Assistant Professor, Department of Turkish Language and Literature, Boğaziçi University
Jane Mikkelson "Worlds of the Imagination: Bīdel of Delhi (d.1720) and Early Modern Persian Lyric Style"
Franklin Lewis & Muzaffar Alam
Lecturer and Associate Research Scholar, Department of Comparative Literature and Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Yale University
Madadh Richey " Visions of Gods and Monsters: Levantine and Mesopotamian Iconographies of Divine Combat and their Textual Impressions"
Dennis Pardee
Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible, Brandeis University
Claire Roosien "Socialism Mediated: The Soviet Mass Public in Uzbekistan, 1928-37"
Holly Shissler
Assistant Professor of Slavic Languages and Literature, Yale University
Rachel Schine "On Blackness in Arabic Popular Literature: The Black Heroes of the Siyar Sha‘biyya, Their Conceptions, Contests, and Contexts"
Tahera Qutbuddin
Assistant Professor in Arabic and Religious Studies, University of Maryland
Mariam Sheibani " Islamic Law in an Age of Crisis and Consolidation: ‘Izz al-Dīn Ibn ‘Abd al-Salām (577-660/1187-1262) and the Ethical Turn in Medieval Islamic Law"
Ahmed El Shamsy
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Toronto, Scarborough
Name Dissertation Title / Advisor Job Placement
Laith Al-Saud "Reading a Radical Thinker: A Study of Sayyid Qutb"
Orit Bashkin
Ercüment Asil " The Pursuit of the Modern Mind: Popularization of Science, the Development of the Middle Classes, and Religious Transformation in the Ottoman Empire, 1860-1880"
Holly Shissler
Lecturer, Alliance of Civilizations Institute , Ibn Haldun University
Kevin Blankinship "Thresholds of Doubt: Negotiating Authorship in the Paratexts of al-Maʿarrī"
Tahera Qutbuddin
Assistant Professor of Arabic Language and Literature , Brigham Young University
Mary Buck "The Amorite Dynasty of Ugarit: The Historical Origins of the Bronze Age Polity of Ugarit Based upon Linguistic, Literary, and Archaeological Evidence"
Dennis Pardee
Data Protection, McKinsey & Company
Madeleine Elfenbein "No Empire for Old Men: The Young Ottomans and the World, 1856-1878"
Holly Shissler
Early Career Fellow , Lichtenberg-Kolleg, the Göttingen Institute for Advanced Study
Annie Greene "Provincial, Not Peripheral: Ottoman-Iraqi Intellectuals and Cultural Networks, 1863-1914"
Orit Bashkin
Fellow, The Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, University of Pennsylvania
Soloman Hassan " By the Moon: The Calendar in Imāmī Law"
Ahmed El Shamsy
Founder & President, Ahl al-Bayt Islamic Seminary
Brittany Hayden " Price Formation and Fluctuation in Ptolemaic Egypt"
Brian Muhs
Senior Business Partner, Microsoft
Tytus Mikolajczak "The Accounting Texts and Seals in the Persepolis Fortification Archive"
Matthew Stolper
Assistant Professor, History, Adam Mickiewicz University
Jessica Mutter "By the Book: Conversion and Religious Identity in Early Islamic Bilād al-Shām and al-Jazīra"
Fred Donner
Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Religion, Bowdoin College
Julio Rivera " Syria at the United Nations, 1945-1955: The Struggle for Sovereignty and Territorial Claims in Palestine"
Orit Bashkin
Director of Research Operations, Yaqeen Institute
Carl Shook "The Origins and Development of Iraq’s National Boundaries, 1918-1932: Policing and Political Geography in the Iraq-Nejd and Iraq-Syria Borderlands"
Orit Bashkin
Lecturer, Loyola University Chicago
Stephen Sumner "The Curses in the Psalms and Levantine Inscriptions"
Dennis Pardee
Professor of Old Testament Mission, Missional University
Jonathan Winnerman " Rethinking the Royal Ka"
Robert Ritner
Lecturer in Egyptology, UCLA
Name Dissertation Title / Advisor Job Placement
Natasha Ayers "Cultural Change in Upper Egypt from the late Middle Kingdom through the Second Intermediate Period: A New Analysis of the Ceramic Material"
Nadine Moeller
Postdoctoral Researcher, Austrian Academy of Sciences
Harry Bastermajian "Emergence of the Global Armenian in Nineteenth-Century Istanbul: Eastern and Western Perspectives"
Orit Bashkin
Executive Director of the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Islamic Studies Program, Harvard University
James Burgin "Aspects of Religious Administration in the Late New Hittite Kingdom"
Theo van den Hout
Postdoctoral Fellow, Universität Würzburg
Megan Clark "Kurdish Linguistic Disobedience in Turkey"
Holly Shissler
Suleyman Dost "An Arabian Qur’ān: Towards a Theory of Peninsular Origins"
Fred Donner
Assistant Professor of Late Antiquity and Early Islam, Department of Historical and Cultural Studies, University of Toronto, Scarborough
Michael Fisher "The Late Chalcolithic 1 Period in Northern Mesopotamia: Tell Zeidan, Syria, in Regional Context"
Gil Stein
Group Leader of Digital Archaeology, Max Planck Institute of Geoanthropology
Emin Lelic "Ottoman Physiognomy (ʿilm-i firâset): A Window into the Soul of an Empire"
Cornell Fleischer
Assistant Professor of History, Salisbury University
Megaera Lorenz "The Role of Male Royal Offspring in 18th Dynasty Egypt"
Janet Johnson
Austin O'Malley "Poetry and Pedagogy: The Homiletic Verse of Farid al-Din ʿAṭṭâr"
Franklin Lewis
Roshan Institute Assistant Professor in Persian and Iranian Studies, University of Arizona
William Pickut "Literary Genres in Poetic Texts from the Dead Sea Scrolls"
Norman Golb
Proposal Manager, Hinduja Global Solutions
Lindsey Weglarz "Continuity and Change: A Reevaluation of Cultural Identity and "Egyptianization" in Lower Nubia during the New Kingdom "
Nadine Moeller
Assistant Dean of Students for Admissions, Social Sciences Division, University of Chicago
Name Dissertation Title / Advisor Job Placement
Mehmetcan Akpinar "Narrative Representations of Abū Bakr (d. 634) in the 2nd/8th Century"
Wadad Kadi
Research and Teaching Associate, Department of Oriental and Islamic Studies, University of Tübingen
Solange Ashby "Calling Out to Isis: the Enduring Nubian Presence at Philae"
Janet Johnson
President's Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, UCLA
Rozenn Bailleul-LeSuer "The Exploitation of Avian Resources in Ancient Egypt: A Socio-Economic Study"
Janet Johnson
Adjunct Lecturer in Anthropology at the College of Brockport, SUNY & Curator, Morgan-Manning House
Yasar Tolga Cora "Transforming Erzurum/Karin: The Social and Economic History of A Multi-Ethnic Ottoman City in The Nineteenth Century"
Holly Shissler
Assistant Professor, History Department, Boğaziçi University
Ferenc Csirkes "Chaghatay Oration, Ottoman Eloquence, Qizilbash Rhetoric: Turkic Literature in Ṣafavid Persia"
Cornell Fleischer
Assistant Professor of History, Sabanci University, Turkey
Paul Gauthier "Temple and State in Middle Assyrian Bureaucracy"
Walter Farber
Software Developer, McMaster-Carr Supply Company
Pascal Held "The Hanbali School and Mysticism in Sixth/Twelfth Century Baghdad"
Ahmed El Shamsy
Assistant Professor, Department of Arab and Islamic Civilizations, The American University in Cairo
Eric Jobe "Innovation in Post-Biblical Hebrew Poetry: A Stylistic Analysis of Qumran, Hekhalot, and Payyetanic Poetry"
Norman Golb
Instructor of Bible and Biblical Languages, St. Macrina Orthodox Institute
Joshua Mabra "The Almost Caliph: Reconstructing the Political Life of ‘Abd al-‘Azīz ibn Marwān (D. 86/705)"
Fred Donner
Assistant Professor of Arabic, Department of Modern Languages, Wright State University
Elise MacArthur "Negotiating Identity in Middle Kingdom Egypt"
Nadine Moeller
Senior Project Manager, GLTaC, Inc.
Hannah Marcuson "The Hittite Munus ŠU.GI, or “Old Woman”"
Theo van den Hout
Nathaniel Miller "Tribal Poetics in Early Arabic Poetry: The Case of Ashʿār Banī Hudhayl"
Tahera Qutbuddin,
Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Department of Middle Eastern Studies, University of Cambridge
Ahmet Tunç Sen "Astrology in the Service of the Empire: Knowledge, Prognostication, and Politics at the Ottoman Court, 1450s––1550s"
Cornell Fleischer
Assistant Professor of Ottoman History, History Department, Columbia University
Oya Topcuoglu "Emblems of Power: Ideology and Identity in Late Old Assyrian Glyptic"
McGuire Gibson
Lecturer, Middle East and North African Studies Program, Northwestern University
Monique Vincent "Households, Communities, and Dimensions of Social Identity in the Early Iron Age at Tall al-‘Umayri"
David Schloen
Assistant Professor of History, Walla Walla University
Liran Yadgar "'All the Kings of Arabia are Seeking Your Counsel and Advice': Intellectual and Cultural Exchange between Jews and Muslims in the Later Middle Islamic Period"
Franklin Lewis
Lecturer in Modern Hebrew, Muhlenberg College
Name Dissertation Title / Advisor Job Placement
Rodrigo Adem "The Sources for an Intellectual Biography of Ibn Taymīya"
Ahmed El Shamsy
Assistant Professor, Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies , Georgetown University
Sabahat Adil "An Itinerant Scholar: The Life, Work, and World of al-Maqqarī (d. 1631/2 CE)"
Ahmed El Shamsy
Assistant Professor of Arabic, Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations, University of Colorado-Boulder
Muhammet Atcil "State and Government in the Mid-Sixteenth Century Ottoman Empire: The Grand Vizierates of Rustem Pasha (1544-1561)"
Cornell Fleischer
Assistant Professor of Ottoman History, Istanbul Medeniyet University
Drayton Benner "The Sounds of the Psalter"
Dennis Pardee
President, Miklal Software Solutions & Staff Software Engineer, Google
Cameron Cross "The Poetics of Romantic Love in Vis & Rāmin"
Franklin Lewis
Assistant Professor of Iranian Studies, University of Michigan
Cihangir Gundogdu "Are There No Asylums? The Ottoman State and the Insane, 1856-1908"
Holly Shissler
Lecturer, History, Bilgi University (Istanbul)
Edmund Hayes "The Envoys of the Hidden imam: Religious Institutions and the Politics of the Twelver Occultation Doctrine"
Franklin Lewis
Postdoctoral Researcher, Leiden University Institute for Area Studies
Michael Jennings "Beyond the Walls of Jericho: Khirbet al-Mafjar and the Signature Landscapes of the Jericho Plain"
Donald Whitcomb & Fred Donner
Director of Field Data, Center for Digital Archaeology
Christopher Markiewicz "The Crisis of Rule in Late Medieval Islam: A Study of Idris Bidlisi (1457-1520) and Governance at the Turn of the Sixteenth Century"
Cornell Fleischer
Lecturer in Ottoman History, University of Birmingham
Nathan Mastnjak "The Prophet Who Was before Me: Allusions to Deuteronomy in the Book of Jeremiah"
Dennis Pardee
Professor of Sacred Scripture, Notre Dame Seminary, Graduate School Of Theology, New Orleans
Matthew McAffee "Life and Mortality in Ugaritic: A Lexical, Literary, and Comparative Analysis"
Dennis Pardee
Provost & Professor of Bible and Biblical Languages, Welch College
Tate Paulette "Grain storage and the moral economy in Mesopotamia (3000–2000 BC)"
McGuire Gibson
Assistant Professor, Department of History, North Carolina State University
Susan Penacho "Deciphering Sealing Practices at Uronarti and Askut: A Spatial Analysis of the Built Environment and Individual Sealers"
Nadine Moeller
Project Manager for ASOR CHI Geospatial Initiatives, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, UC Berkeley
Stephanie Selover "Excavating War: The Archaeology of Warfare in Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age Anantolia And the Effects of War on the Rise of Complex Societies"
Gil Stein
Assistant Professor, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization, University of Washington
Esra Tasdelen "Nationalism in Serial Fiction: The Cases of Ahmet Hikmet Müftüoğlu and Jurjī Zaydān"
Holly Shissler
Assistant Professor of Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, North Central College
Jacqueline Vayntrub "Proverbs and the Limits of Poetry"
Dennis Pardee
Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible, Yale Divinity School, Yale University
G. Yazicioglu "People of Kanesh: Residential Mobility, Community Life, and Cultural Pluralism in a Bronze Age City in Anatolia, Turkey"
Aslihan Yener
Name Dissertation Title / Advisor Job Placement
Brad Bowman "The Status of Christian Monasteries in the Early Islamic Period"
Fred Donner
Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Louisville
Samuel Boyd "Contact and Context: Studies in Language Contact and Literary Strata in the Hebrew Bible"
Dennis Pardee
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Jewish Studies, University of Colorado-Boulder
David Calabro "Ritual Gestures of Lifting, Extending, and Clasping the Hand(s) in Northwest Semitic Literature and Iconography"
Dennis Pardee
Visiting Assistant Professor of Ancient Scripture, Brigham Young University
Garrett Davidson "Carrying on the Tradition: An Intellectual and Social History of Post-Canonical Sunni Hadith Transmission"
Ahmed El Shamsy
Assistant Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies, College of Charleston
Virginia Emery "The House of Rejoicing: Malqata as the Festival Palace of Amenhotep III"
Janet Johnson
Post-Doctoral Fellow in Western Heritage , Carthage College
Humphrey Hardy "Diachronic Development in Biblical Hebrew Prepositions: A Case Study in Grammaticalization"
Dennis Pardee
Associate Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Kaveh Hemmat "A Chinese System for an Ottoman State: the Frontier, the Millennium, and Ming Bureaucracy in Khatayi's Book of China"
John Woods
Assistant Professor, Professional Faculty, Department of History, Philosophy, and Theology, Benedictine University
Daniel Mahoney "The Political Landscape of the Dhamar Plain in the Central Highlands of Yemen during the Late Medieval and Early Ottoman Periods"
McGuire Gibson
Postdoctoral Researcher, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Social Anthropology
Amin Sadr "Love, Death, and Submission: The Role of the Reader in Rumi's Masnavi "
Franklin Lewis
Feryal Salem "'Abd Allah b. al-Mubarak Between Hadith, Jihad, and Zuhd: An Expression of Early Sunni Identity in the Formative Period"
Fred Donner
Associate Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies and Director of the Master of Divinity in Islamic Studies and Muslim Chaplaincy Program , American Islamic College
Foy Scalf "Passports to Eternity: Formulaic Demotic Funerary Texts and the Final Phase of Egyptian Funerary Literature in Roman Egypt"
Robert Ritner
Head of Research Archives, The Oriental Institute
Randy Shonkwiler "The Behdetite: A Study of Horus the Behdetite from the Old Kingdom to the Conquest of Alexander"
Peter Dorman
Name Dissertation Title / Advisor Job Placement
Lyall Armstrong "The Qussas of the Umayyad Caliphate: Religious and Political Discourse in Early Islam"
Wadad Kadi
Assistant Professor of Islamic History, American University of Beirut
Kamal Badreshany "The Social and Economic Impact of Urbanization in the Lebanon: Changes in Settlement Patterns and Craft Production from the Proto-Urban (Chacolithic/EB1) Period to the First Urban Period (EB II-III)"
David Schloen
Director of the Durham Archaeomaterials Research Centre, Durham University
Aaron Butts "Language Maintenance, Lexical Borrowing, and Grammatical Replication: The Case of Greek and Syriac "
Rebecca Hasselbach
Assistant Professor of Semitic Languages and Literatures, Catholic University of America
Kathryn Grossman "Early Bronze Age Hamoukar, Syria: A Settlement Biography"
Gil Stein
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, North Carolina State University
Hani Khafipour "Funding State Religion: The Dissemination of Shi'i Education through Safavid Pious Endowment"
John Woods
Lecturer, College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, University of Southern California
Eve Krakowski "Female Adolescence in the Cairo Geniza Documents "
Norman Golb
Assistant Professor of Near Eastern Studies and the Program in Judaic Studies, Princeton University
Rana Mikati "The Creation of Early Islamic Beirut: The Sea, Scholars, Jihad and the Sacred"
Fred Donner
Assistant Professor of History, College of Charleston
James Tallon "The Failure of Ottomanism: The Albanian Rebellions of 1909-1912"
Holly Shissler
Associate Professor of History, Lewis University
Benjamin Thomas "Divinity, Prophecy, and the Remembrance of Things Past: Prophetic Historical Writing in the Books of Kings and the Theory of the Deuteronomistic History"
Dennis Pardee
Research Associate, The Oriental Institute
Tanya Treptow "Archaeology and the Construction of Islamic Heritage in Egypt"
Donald Whitcomb & Fred Donner
Vice President & Co-Director of Research, Slover Linett Audience Research Inc.
Joseph Yackley "Bankrupt: Financial Diplomacy in the Late Nineteenth-Century Middle East"
Holly Shissler
Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Department of State
Name Dissertation Title / Advisor Job Placement
Catherine Bronson "Imagining the Primal Woman: Islamic Selves of Eve"
Wadad Kadi
Assistant Teaching Professor, Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Notre Dame
Mayte Green-Mercado "Morisco Apocalypticism: Politics of Prophecy in the Early Modern Mediterranean"
Cornell Fleischer
Associate Professor of History, Rutgers University - Newark
Katharyn Hanson "Considerations of Cultural Heritage: Threats to Mesopotamian Archaeological Sites"
McGuire Gibson
Executive Director , The Academic Research Institute in Iraq (TARII)
Tobin Hartnell "A Historical Reconstruction of the Ancient Economy in the Kur River Basin, Fars Province, Iran: A Regional Landscape Study"
McGuire Gibson
Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences & Director, Center for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, American University of Iraq
Choukri Heddouchi "For a Darislamic Archaeology: Egypt and West Africa and the Limits of Islamic Archaeology"
Fred Donner & Donald Whitcomb
Chair, Department of Arabic, Darul Qasim
Joseph Lam "The Metaphorical Patterning of the Sin- Concept in Biblical Hebrew"
Dennis Pardee
Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Volkan Stodolsky "A New Historical Model and Periodization for the Perception of the Sunnah of the Prophet and His Companions"
Fred Donner
Assistant Professor, School of Islamic Studies , Ibn Haldun University
Elizabeth Urban "The Early Islamic Mawālī: A Window onto Processes of Identity Construction and Social Change"
Fred Donner
Assistant Professor of History, West Chester University
Name Dissertation Title / Advisor Job Placement
Vanessa Davies "The Dynamics of Hetep in Ancient Egypt"
Janet Johnson
Assoc. Dir. Institutional Grants & Research Grants Compliance Manager, Bryn Mawr College
Emran El-Badawi "Sectarian Scripture: The Qur'an's Dogmatic Rearticulation of the Aramaic Gospel Traditions in the Late Antique Near East"
Fred Donner
Associate Professor & Program Director of Middle Eastern Studies, Chair, Department of Modern and Classical Languages, University of Houston
Abdurrahman Atcil "The Formation of the Ottoman Learned Class and Legal Scholarship (1300-1600)"
Cornell Fleischer
Assistant Professor of Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, Queens College, City University New York
John Burnight "Reversal and Response in Job 3-5"
Dennis Pardee
Associate Professor of Religion, University of Northern Iowa
Virginia Herrmann "Society and Economy under Empire at Iron Age Sam’al (Zincirli Höyük, Turkey)"
David Schloen
Junior Research Group Leader, Institute for Ancient Near Eastern Studies, University of Tübingen
Rasheed Hosein "Tribal Alliance Formations and Power Structures in the Jahiliyah and Early Islamic Periods: Quraysh and Thaqif (530-750 CE)"
Fred Donner
Leann Pace "A Comparison of Cooking and Serving Wares in Late EB III, EBIV/MB I and MB IIA Syria-Palestine"
David Schloen
Assistant Teaching Professor, Department for the Study of Religions, Wake Forest University
Miller Prosser "Bunušu in Ugaritian Society"
Dennis Pardee
Research Database Specialist, The OCHRE Data Service, The Oriental Institute
Jennifer Westerfeld "Landscapes of Memory: Pharaonic Sacred Space in the Coptic Imagination"
Janet Johnson
Assistant Professor of Ancient Mediterranean History, University of Louisville
Malayna Williams "Signs of Creation: Sex, Gender, Categories, Religion and the Body in Ancient Egypt"
Janet Johnson
Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, PWR New Media
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Co-founder, Arabic Language Associates, LLC
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Scholar, Kalam Research & Media
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Owner, Resources 2000
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Director, Institute for the Study of Religion in the Middle East
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US Director of the American Institute of Indian Studies, Country Specialist for Iran and Jordan of Amnesty International USA
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Reader in Mesopotamian Archaeology, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge
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Professor of History, United States Naval Academy
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Name Dissertation Title / Advisor Job Placement
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Research Associate Professor, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago, Director of Epigraphic Survey, Oriental Institute
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William K. & Marilyn Milton Simpson Professor of Classics & History; Senior Research Scholar, Law School, Yale University
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Professor, Wartburg College
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Professor of History of the Middle East, Central Asia, Iran, Turkey, United States Naval Academy
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Associate Professor of History, College of Charleston
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Adjunct Research Scholar, Department of Ar of the Ancient World, Boston Museum of Fine Arts
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College Adviser, University of Chicago
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Vice President for Content, Bible and Theology, Gospel Light Publications / Regal Books
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Professor of Egyptology, Department of Near Eastern Studies, Johns Hopkins University
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Assistant Environmental Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory
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Associate Professor of Classics, Humanities, and Italian Studies Linguistics, University of New Hampshire
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Director/Founder of Center for Advanced Studies on Islam, Science and Civilisation (CASIS),, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
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Scholar-in-Residence, Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Languages, University of Northwestern, St. Paul
Name Dissertation Title / Advisor Job Placement
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Professor, Department of Anthropology, UC San Diego
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Professor, Department of Anthropology, Durham University
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PhD in 1934, author of several books on the Druze and the Arab world, associated with Vassar College
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Martin Sprengling
PhD Princeton (under Philip Hitti), Professor, American University of Beirut, Syrian Delegation to the UN (1945-6), Vice President AUB (1952-); coined the term "Nakba"
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