Janet H. Johnson

Janet Johnson
Morton D. Hull Distinguished Service Professor of Egyptology
The Oriental Institute 216
Office Hours: By appointment
Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1972
Teaching at UChicago since 1971

Academic Bio

Janet H. Johnson's main interests include Egyptian language and Egypt in the "Late Period" (1st millennium B.C.). Her recent publications include the 3rd edition (on-line) of her teaching grammar of Demotic, Thus Wrote 'Onchsheshonqy, and the electronic version of her analysis of the Demotic verbal system, The Demotic Verbal System, as well as articles such as "Compound Nouns, especially Abstracts, in Demotic," in Illuminating Osiris, Egyptological Studies in Honor of Mark Smith, Material and Visual Culture of Ancient Egypt, vol. 2, ed. by Richard Jasnow and Ghislaine Widmer (Atlanta, Georgia: Lockwood Press, 2017), “Women, Property, and Legal Documents:  A Case Study from the Persian Period,” pp. 283-92 in Joyful in Thebes, Egyptological Studies in Honor of Betsy M. Bryan, Material and Visual Culture of Ancient Egypt, vol. 1, ed. by Richard Jasnow and Kathlyn M. Cooney (Atlanta, Georgia: Lockwood Press, 2015) “The Range of Private Property Envisioned in Demotic Documents Pertaining to Marriage and Inheritance” in Mélanges offerts à Ola el-Aguizy (2015),“r plus infinitive in the Instructions of ‘Onchsheshonqy,” in Florilegium Aegyptiacum Eine wissenschaftliche Blütenlese von Schülern und Freunden für Helmut Satzinger zum 75. Geburtstag am 21. Jänner 2013 (2013), "Gender and Marriage in Ancient Egypt" pp. 9-29 in Ehe als Ernstfall der Geschlechterdifferenz, Herausforderungen für Frau und Mann in kulturellen Symbolsystemen (2010),"Six Stone Mummy Labels in the Oriental Institute Museum," in Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense, Studien zum pharaonischen, grieschisch-römischen und spätantiken Ągypten zu Ehren von Heinz-Josef Thissen(written with François Gaudard) (2010), "The Social, Economic, and Legal Status of Women in Ancient Egypt," in the Museum Catalgue The Life of Meresamun A Temple Singer in Ancient Egypt, OIMP 29 (2009), and.  "P. Berlin 6848, a Roman Period Temple Inventory," in Res Severa Verum Gaudium, Festschrift für Karl-Theodor Zauzich zum 65. Geburtstag am 8. Juni 2004 (written with Thomas Dousa and François Gaudard) (2004). She is Director of the Chicago Demotic Dictionary Project.

Recent & Regularly Taught Courses

  • NEHC 20001/30001 Ancient Near Eastern History and Society 1: Egypt
  • EGPT 10101 Introduction to Middle Egyptian Hieroglyphs I
  • EGPT 40590 Gender in Ancient Egypt
Subject Area: Egyptology, Ancient Egyptian Language Program