Robert Ritner

Robert Ritner
Rowe Professor of Egyptology
The Oriental Institute 222
Office Hours: By appointment
Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1987
Teaching at UChicago since 1996

Academic Bio

Robert K. Ritner  is Professor of Egyptology at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago and was from 1991-1996 the first Marilyn M. Simpson Assistant Professor of Egyptology at Yale University.  Dr. Ritner is the author of the books The Libyan Anarchy: Inscriptions from Egypt's Third Intermediate Period,  The Mechanics of Ancient Egyptian Magical Practice, The Joseph Smith Egyptian Papyri:  A Complete Edition, and over 100 publications on Egyptian religion, magic, medicine, language and literature, as well as social and political history. He has lectured extensively on each of these topics throughout the United States, Europe and Egypt.  He has served as Visiting Professor in Paris in 2009 and in Philadelphia in 2003. In association with The Field Museum of Chicago, Dr. Ritner was the academic advisor for its current Egypt installation and for two British Museum exhibits “Cleopatra of Egypt:  From History to Myth,” and “Eternal Egypt.” In addition, he served as consultant and lecturer for the traveling Cairo Museum exhibit “Quest for Immortality:  Treasures of Ancient Egypt.”  Ritner has led Oriental Institute tours of Egypt for 30 years.

Public Lectures Online

"Egyptian Examples of the 'Koine' Art Style of the Second Millenium BC"

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