Alexandra Hoffmann

Alexandra Hoffmann
Advisor(s): Franklin Lewis
Persian Language and Literature

Academic Bio

Alexandra Hoffmann is a PhD candidate in Persian Language & Literature at the University of Chicago, where she specializes in Classical Persian Literature. She is working on her dissertation project entitled “Strong Warriors, Liminal Lovers, and Beardless Men: Male bodies and Masculinities in Pre-modern Persian Literature”, which brings together literary texts like the Shāhnāmeh, Kūshnāmeh, ʿAlīnāmeh, Laylī o Majnūn, Nal o Daman, Samak-e ʿAyyār, and others, to critically engage with corporeality and masculinities from the 10-16th centuries CE.

Alexandra Hoffmann holds an MA in Islamic Studies from the University of Zürich, Switzerland. For her MA, she has conducted research on modern Iranian writers in exile, specifically, Mahshīd Amīrshāhī and her novel Dar Ḥażar. Other research interests include narratology, travelling tales and the reception of Middle Eastern literature in Europe; such as the 12th century Sindbād-nāma and its adaptation as The Seven Wise Masters (of Rome) in various European languages.

Alexandra was awarded a Stuart Tave Teaching fellowship for her self-designed class “Masculinities in pre-modern Middle Eastern Literature” which she will teach in the Spring quarter 2020. In the 2019-2020 academic year, she is also working as a Teaching Consultant for the Chicago Center for Teaching at the University of Chicago.

Her publications include:

 "Erinnerungen an eine fremde Heimat. Mahšīd Amīršāhīs Roman Dar Ḥażar und seine Rezeption als kollektiver Text." Asiatische Studien 66:3, 2012, 599-652.

"Angry Men: On Emotions and Masculinities in Samarqandī’s Sindbād-nāmeh." Narrative Culture (forthcoming).

 "Cats and Dogs, Manliness and Misogyny: On the Sindbād-nāma as World Literature." Persianate Literatures as World Literatures, edited by Mostafa Abedinifard, Amirhossein Vafa and Omid Azadibougar. Bloomsbury Publishing (forthcoming)