Arlen Wiesenthal

Arlen Wiesenthal
Cohort Year: 2017
Advisor(s): Hakan Karateke
Ottoman and Turkish Studies

Academic Bio

Arlen Wiesenthal is a PhD student and historian of the Ottoman Empire whose research interests lie at the intersection between urban history and the social, cultural, and institutional histories of monarchy. While his central focus lies in the Ottoman world (circa 1300-1922) and on the House of Osman (Al-i Osman), his work is more generally concerned with the ways that the presence of dynasties and dynastic institutions coloured the lives and worldviews of persons who inhabited imperial domains. His research at The University of Chicago examines Ottoman experiences of the House of Osman as an active force in the universe in connection with cultural and structural facets of life in Ottoman "throne cities" throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Current areas of investigation include: Ottoman Dynasty; Social and Cultural History of Monarchy; Istanbul and Edirne as Imperial Cities; Courtly Mobility, Urbanity, and Environment; Historiography of the Ottoman "Middle or "Post-classical" period (c. 1566-1808); Emperorship and Animal Stewardship; Modern and Eurocentrisms; and "the Unbelieved."