Harrison Morin

Advisor(s): Gil Stein
Near Eastern Art and Archaeology
Research Interests: Landscape Archaeology, Comparative Archaeology, Geospatial Analysis, Central Asia, Interregional Interaction and the Kushan Empire

I  am a PhD student in the Near Eastern Art and Archaeology track focusing on the archaeology of Central Asia. In particular, I am interested in the archaeological landscape of Central Asia during from the Kushan period. My research focuses on exploring questions related to historical geography, settlement patterning, mobility, the conceptualization of landscapes, and interregional interaction all examined through methods and mindsets rooted in landscape archaeology, comparative archaeology, and geospatial analysis. I hold a MA from the University of Chicago‘s Master’s Program in the Social Sciences concentrating in Anthropology, and a BA from Saint Anselm College concentrating in International Relations and History. Since 2019, I have been an member of the Afghan Heritage Mapping Project operating with the Center for Ancient Middle Eastern Landscapes at the University of Chicago.