Shaahin Pishbin

Shaahin Pishbin
Advisor(s): Franklin Lewis
Persian Language and Literature

Academic Bio

Shaahin is a PhD student studying Persian Language and Literature. He is interested in questions of canon formation in Persian literary history, focusing mainly on the poetry of the early modern period. Recently, he has been researching the tazkira genre, looking at how this kind of literary history writing exploded and evolved under the Safavids and Mughals, and what these dynamic texts can tell us about changing notions of good style and pre-modern modes of ‘literary criticism’. His advisor is Professor Franklin Lewis.

Shaahin completed his Masters in Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford, where he was awarded a full scholarship by the Higher Education Funding Council for England. He currently runs the Persian department’s Anjoman-e Sokhan-e Farsi (‘Persian Circle’), a weekly Persian-language lecture series.

He has also published academic and journalistic work on modern Persian poetry, and translates professionally from Persian to English.