Simeon Chavel

Simeon Chavel
Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible in the Divinity School (Affiliated Faculty in NELC)
Swift Hall 233


I study the literature of the Hebrew Bible, the religion of ancient Israel and Judea, and their relationship. My approach combines theory of literature, theory of religion, the ancient historical and social context, and early interpretation, especially midrash. Research projects include the literary combination of law and narrative; the types and aspects of biblical poetry; the ancient use of texts and textual features to innovate religious ideas and expression; and the religious imagination at work in ancient artifacts.

I train M.A. and PhD students in biblical studies and help professionalize them for a career of scholarship and university-level teaching. My approach offers breadth across the Bible, in themes and topics of interest, and in disciplines, methods and resources. Courses are defined by biblical book, by theme, and by critical approach. Dissertation topics and courses are student-driven and span the field.


Publications can be found at and a complete list of courses taught can be found at

Subject Area: Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East