Stephanie Kraver

Stephanie Kraver
Advisor(s): Ghenwa Hayek
Arabic Language and Literature

Academic Bio

Stephanie Kraver is a PhD candidate focusing on Palestinian and Israeli poetry in the twentieth century. Her research interests include trauma theory, Arab-Jewish narratives, gender and sexuality studies, chronicling amidst violence, and discourse theory. She is fascinated by how memories are constructed after loss, and how literature serves as a medium for dialogic exchange. Her dissertation compares the poetry of Mahmoud Darwish and Dahlia Ravikovitch over two decades, tracing both their meetings and invocations of one another through verse.

Stephanie earned her MA in Near Eastern Studies from New York University, where she was the recipient of the Falak Sufi Memorial Essay Prize in 2016. She has taught undergraduate and graduate-level courses on modern Middle Eastern literature and history, and on gender and sexuality in the modern Middle East. Stephanie has been awarded the Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship and the Greenberg Center for Jewish Studies Research Grant.