Thalia Lysen

Thalia Lysen
Advisor(s): Theo van den Hout
Cuneiform Studies
Research Interests: Hittitology

Academic Bio

Thalia Lysen is a PhD-student in Hittitology. Her research focuses on Late Bronze Age history of Anatolia, especially concerning dynamics of power and ideology, festivals and public rituals, the Bronze-Iron transition and Aegean-Anatolian interactions. Her dissertation concerns the ideology of kingship in Hittite Anatolia.

Thalia holds a BA in Classics (cum laude) from the University of Amsterdam and she did minor programs in Indo-European linguistics at Leiden University and Ancient Near Eastern studies at FU Berlin. She has a research MA in Ancient Studies (cum laude) from VU Amsterdam. Thalia received scholarships for language study and research in Berlin and Istanbul, and received the prestigious Young Talent Award (PBC).

Thalia has taught Classics, worked as an editor of two graduate journals, served as a committee member in evaluating academic departments, and co-organized the 2017 International Congress of Hittitology. She is currently teaching Hittite and working as a graduate assistant at the Chicago Hittite Dictionary.