Yanxiao He

Yanxiao He
Advisor(s): Richard Payne
Ancient Near Eastern History
Research Interests: Social and Cultural History of the Hellenistic World, Rome and the East, Global/Eurasian Late Antiquity, Popular Culture and Narrative

Yanxiao is a doctoral candidate in the ancient history program. His main research interest is interactions between the ancient Greco-Roman world and the East. His current dissertation project “The Hellenistic Exchange: Ethnography and Empires in the Post-Hellenistic World,” highlights the agency of the Arsacid Parthian empire in ancient Sino-Roman connection based on the angles of gender, luxury, and popular performance. He got an Honorable Mention from the 2021 John J. Winkler Memorial Prize by contributing the first essay on a Hellenistic topic to this prize. He won the 2021 Erich S. Gruen Prize from the Society for Classical Studies that acknowledges his use of K-Pop research to understand ancient popular performance. He is a regular contributor to the Shanghai-based media outlet the Pengpai (The Paper). By working with the Pengpai, he introduced the Postclassicisms initiative to classicists in China by interviewing James Porter. Through the pen name Xi Yihan (Hellas- Ērān-Hanguk), he has also introduced American K-Pop research to Chinese audiences by interviewing scholars such as Kyung Hyun Kim and Grace Kao.