Holly Shissler

Holly Shissler
Associate Professor of Ottoman and Modern Turkish History
Director of Graduate Studies, Modern Fields
Pick Hall 212
Office Hours: Thursdays by appointment
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, 1995
Teaching at UChicago since 1999

Academic Bio

A. Holly Shissler received her A.B. in Anthropology from Vassar College and her Ph.D. in History from UCLA.  She specializes in the history of the later Ottoman Empire and early years of the Turkish Republic.  Her particular interests are Ottoman and Turkish intellectual history, nationalism, and history of the Ottoman press. She teaches survey courses in modern Middle Eastern history, as well as advanced courses and seminars on the history of the early Turkish Republic, the history of the Ottoman Press, World War I in the Ottoman Empire, nationalism in the Ottoman Empire, and a variety of other topics in late Ottoman history. 

Selected Publications

Recent & Regularly Taught Courses

  • NEHC 20503/30503 Islamic History and Society 3: The Modern Middle East
  • NEHC 30891-30892 Seminar: Introduction to the Ottoman Press I-II
  • NEHC 30914 History of Turkey and Iran in the 20th century
Affiliated Departments and Centers: Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Department of History
Subject Area: Islamic History and Civilization, Ottoman and Turkish Studies, Ottoman Turkish