Prof. Pouneh Shabani-Jadidi publishes the second edition of The Routledge Intermediate Persian Course

Congratulations to NELC Instructional Professor Pouneh Shabani-Jadidi on the publication of the second edition of The Routledge Intermediate Persian Course Farsi Shirin Ast, Book Two

The Routledge Intermediate Persian Course, second edition, is an intermediate level Persian textbook written specifically for English-speaking university students that incorporates the guidelines of the American Council of Teaching Foreign Languages and those of the Common European Framework of Reference in its tasks and activities.

The diversity of the texts in this textbook helps to familiarize students with a range of literary genres, and provides them with the necessary building blocks to continue reading on their own.

One of the distinctive features of this book is its content-based and task-based approach to learning the language; all the material provided has been carefully selected to support and enhance a student-centered class environment. In addition, all the texts are real texts and excerpts extracted from books published in Iran.